Monday, December 18, 2017


Whether you are opening your child's first account or planning for retirement, First Family Federal Credit Union has the right savings account for you. We offer:

• ACH Deposits
• Payroll Deduction
• Direct deposit
• Share certificates with attractive rates
• Regular shares with a low $5 minimum balance
• Each member account insured to $250,000.00 by Administrator, NCUA

Account Type Savings Money Market CD IRA
Guaranteed Return Yes Yes Yes Yes
Liquidity of Funds High Medium Varies Low
Penalty for Withdrawal Six Free per
Three Free Per Month Yes Yes
Term of Investment None None Months or Years Yes
Advantages Instant Access to Funds Better Interest Rate than Regular
Savings & Funds are Fairly Accessible
Best Return & Numerous
Choices of Term Length
Depending on IRA
Type, Either Contributions or Withdrawals are Tax
Disadvantages Low Interest Rate $1,000 Minimum Balance Required to avoid Monthly Charges Requires Minimum Investment Deposit, Ties up Funds for the Term of the CD; Early Withdrawal Penalties Funds May be Tied up for Long Periods; Penalty for Early Withdrawal

                                   For information contact one of our member service representatives.